Andrew Harvey on Sacred Activism and Radical Regeneration (#140)

About the Guest

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed writer, poet, translator, and mystical teacher. He is the author of over 40 books, including Son of Man, The Hope, Way of Passion, Turn Me to Gold, and Savage Grace with Carolyn Baker. He has taught all over the world, given over 20 courses for the Shift Network, and is the founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism.

In this live interview, Andrew Harvey will share his vision of our current unprecedented world crisis. He will show that it is an evolutionary global dark night that could potentially birth an embodied divine humanity. The birthing force, he believes, of this new humanity will be what he calls Sacred Activism- the profound dynamic fusion of mystical peace, passion and strength with wise sacredly inspired urgent action. He will give practical instructions on how to become a Sacred Activist and offer guidance on how to fill your lives with focus and divine meaning.

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  1. What is sacred activism?
  2. Obstacles to cultivating ourselves as sacred activists.
  3. The evolutionary global dark night.
  4. The fantasy magical thinking of the new age.
  5. Radical regeneration: tantra and sacred activism.
  6. The three main varieties of mystical practice.
  7. What is the tantric vision?

Upcoming 4-Module Course with Andrew Harvey and Ramesh Bjonnes:

Join Harvey and Bjonnes as they fuse Tantric philosophy with sacred activism.

Perhaps more than any other wisdom path, Tantra embodies spirituality in action, spirituality as sacred service to the other, to the world.  It is the deeply universal nature of Tantric nondualism that will be accessed and emphasized in this course led by world-renowned author and sacred activist Andrew Harvey and scholar/practitioner Ramesh Bjonnes. Together, they will unveil how the nondual spirituality of Tantra and its transcendental embrace of Shiva/Shakti wisdom can inform and inspire our lives to help heal this broken yet beautiful world. Using Tantric philosophy and practice as inspiration, in this course you will learn the basic concepts of Harvey’s sacred activism fused with the dynamic spirit of Tantra and how you can turn them into practical tools for personal and planetary change.  

Quotes from the Episode

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