Bob Doto on Yogalebrity Culture, the Babarazzi, and the Spectacle (#13)

About the Guest:

Bob Doto is a writer and speaker on the intersection of spiritual margins and society. He is host of the Wild Christianity Salon, the creator of the anarcho-folk Catholic zine, Babylon Begone, and is a founding member of renegade yoga blog, The Babarazzi. Bob is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Chinese Tui Na massage, acupressure, and sports medicine. He is the founder of the Ditmas Park Yoga Society where he teaches yoga in the Mysore tradition, and also maintains his private massage practice. He is a faculty member at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan teaching Chinese massage therapy with a focus on hand techniques, structural pathologies, and internal disharmonies. His books, Acupressure for Beginners and The Power of Stretching are available from Quarto Press. Find Bob on Instagram @newoldtraditions.

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