Christi Myers on Ketamine Therapy (#152)

About the Guest

Christi Myers is the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative, a ketamine psychotherapy practice that helps clients deal with mood disorders and substance abuse. Since its launch in late 2020, Flow Integrative has offered ketamine psychotherapy to over 100 patients and is currently a pilot clinic for the first psychedelic insurance company. Most insurance companies don’t cover ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses.

She is also a Professor and Assistant Director of Emergency Medical Services Department at Victor Valley College in California. She previously worked as a paramedic at several agencies, including the Department of Defense, San Bernardino County Fire Department, American Medical Response, and the Department of Justice.

Christi has an associate’s degree in paramedicine and fire science, a bachelor’s in public safety, and a master’s in leadership. 



In this episode, we discuss:

  1. What is ketamine, and how is it used and misused?
  2. Ketamine use in emergency medicine and psychotherapy.
  3. How ketamine therapy differs from psychotherapy.
  4. Rumors, myths, and misinformation about ketamine.
  5. Challenges and obstacles in using ketamine therapeutically.
  6. Changes and transformations witnessed with ketamine use in therapy.
  7. Cannabis, psilocybin, and ketamine experience and effectiveness.

Quotes from the Episode

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