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Sanskrit Chanting: Theory & Practice

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Sunday, June 13, 2021 @ 2 – 3:30 pm ET

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Sanskrit Chanting: Theory and Practice

Sanskrit texts were traditionally taught through oral transmission or śruti paramparā. It is thought that through chanting, knowledge can seep into one’s consciousness on a level beyond the literal meaning of the words. There is a specific method to how verses are structured and categorized, and this affects the intonation. While Vedic chanting is dependent on pitch accent, in classical Sanskrit there is a focus on stress accent. In this seminar, I will give an introduction to both of these methods, with examples, and we will chant together to put theory into practice. This seminar is both for those who have studied some Sanskrit and those who are brand new to it. My hope is to inspire everyone to deepen their Sanskrit studies!

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About the Instructor

Zoë Slatoff has a Master’s Degree in Asian Languages and Culture from Columbia University. She is the author of “Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga,” a Sanskrit textbook for yoga students, which uses extracts from classical yoga texts to integrate traditional and academic methods of learning the language. She is now working on a Ph.D. in South Asian Studies at Lancaster University, centering on a translation of the Aparokṣānubhūti, a text attributed to Ādi Śaṅkarācārya, which by integrating Yoga and Advaita Vedānta, teaches how āsana practice can actually help one transcend the attachment to bodily form and provide a vehicle for recognition of the Self. Zoë has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years.