What is Embodied Philosophy?

Embodied Philosophy (EP) is a school of interdisciplinary, contemplative education that bridges the gap between historical, text-based scholarship and the embodied practices that arise from contemplative texts and traditions. We strive to balance an appreciation for the variety of ways that these embodied practices have been adapted and changed to fit the modern era, alongside an awareness of the need for greater depth, cultural sensitivity, and spiritually-informed citizenship.

In a cultural climate exhibiting increasing levels of anxiety and depression, stress and alienation, hyper-vigilance, and divisive rhetoric, EP recognizes the need for what we call embodied philosophical living. This is not philosophy of the intellect alone but is an integrated, living wisdom. Highlighting yoga, dharmic, and esoteric traditions, we seek to disseminate knowledge, practices, rituals, and modes of living that actualize liberating patterns of thought and behavior. These new patterns break us out of the habits that continuously cause pain and suffering and reorient us in empowering ways. EP aims to nourish lives at the physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels by making accessible and available the wisdom that has transformed lives for thousands of years.

Executive Director Description

The Executive Director (ED) position at Embodied Philosophy (EP) will lead the management team in structuring, formalizing and implementing operational policies and procedures, financial budgeting and forecasting, as well as provide collaborative oversight of the workflow in our key areas (programming, marketing, project management, and employee relations).  The ED will provide invaluable leadership to help steer EP’s strategic growth and revenue initiatives and ensure successful brand development of our multi-media platform through the development and implementation of new projects that expand the company’s success. The ED will also help lead our startup funding needs including expanding our seed capital, angel investor funding, and any necessary mezzanine financing to help ensure the growth and expansion of the platform. 

The right candidate will have executive-level experience in managing a startup organization/company or media organization and demonstrate how their contributions have directly contributed to increased revenue and expansion of prior ventures. Those with experience in media companies or online publishing are most likely to thrive in this role. Experience with online learning platforms is preferred, but not required. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Refining and optimizing EP’s internal systems, processes and procedures 
  • Developing and implementing key growth strategies to promote EP’s mission
  • Creating an updated business plan for the attainment of EP’s goals and objectives as established by the steering group 
  • Building an effective team of leaders by providing guidance and coaching to subordinate managers and key team members
  • Leading and motivating the team toward sustainable morale, productivity, and growth through effective employee relations and recognition 
  • Directing and overseeing investments and fundraising efforts throughout our funding lifecycle
  • Acting as key liaison and public relations representatives of the company in strategic partnerships and public events
  • Establishing a performance measurement dashboard and/or reporting system in collaboration with team leaders and managers, review on a regular basis to monitor the organization’s financial and non-financial metrics (consumer satisfaction, etc.) 
  • Devising remedial actions for issues that require them and conducting crisis management when necessary for internal and external stakeholders 

Compensation and Benefits:

  • salary, with performance-based incentives and vesting stock options, based on experience
  • Unlimited PTO 
  • Health Insurance & Dental

Requirements & Skills:

  • Proven experience as an ED or other senior management position
  • Experience in developing strategies and plans
  • Ability to apply successful fundraising and networking techniques
  • Strong understanding of business finance and measures of performance
  • In depth knowledge of corporate governance principles and managerial best practices
  • An analytical mind capable of “out-of-the-box” thinking to solve problems
  • Outstanding organization and leadership abilities
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and public speaking skills
  • Graduate level degree training in business administration or relevant field preferred
  • Knowledge and background with contemplative traditions and areas of EP editorial a plus


Email resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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