Julie Brown Yau on Rage and Trauma (#91)

About the Guest

Julie Brown Yau, PhD, has a 30-year background in psychological, somatic and spiritual traditions providing her with a unique depth of knowledge and direct experience. Julie’s unified approach for addressing developmental and complex trauma, includes the latest neuroscientific & psychosomatic findings, depth psychology, & Eastern wisdom. Julie is an author, speaker, and has a private practice in Laguna Beach CA. She has a passion for resolving trauma, reducing stress and suffering while cultivating compassion. Julie supports those on a spiritual path to embody realizations and assists those going through spiritual emergence to create a fully embodied and rich emotional life. Julie assists individuals and groups gain healing from ongoing repercussions of trauma and adversity, while enhancing psychospiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness.¬†More info at¬†http://juliebrownyau.com/

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Whole body / whole brain approaches to addressing trauma through the body, mind, intellect, imagination and spiritual practice
  2. Trauma that happens to us when essential needs are not being met (what we don’t receive, what doesn’t happen to us)
  3. Inter-generational trauma from gene expression, between mother and father, birthing process and developmental stages
  4. The role of anger and rage in the process of healing
  5. Spiritual practices and addressing trauma
  6. Her book The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma, coming August 2019.
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