Shreena Gandhi on White Supremacy (#134)

About the Guest

Shreena Gandhi is a part of the Religious Studies Department at Michigan State University, where is primarily teaches classes on religion and race in the Americas. She is currently finishing up edits on a manuscript, A Cultural History of Yoga in the United States, which looks at the impacts of race, gender, and class on how yoga is practiced and commodified in religious and secular spaces. She is also collaborating with 4 other scholars of South Asian descent on an article titled Feminist Critical Hindu Studies in formation. Dr. Gandhi has presented her work nationally and internationally and is committed to intersectional scholarship and meticulous research grounded in facts.

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  1. Whiteness, white supremacy, and cultural appropriation.
  2. Honoring the roots of yoga.
  3. Colonialism, capitalism, and war and their relationship to white supremacy.
  4. Understanding orientalism and yoga.
  5. Unrooting westernization and white supremacy in the studies of philosophy and religion.
  6. Reflecting on privilege.
  7. An affirmative vision of the project of the United States.

Quotes from the Episode

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