Zhenevere Sophia Dao on Sexuality and the Transgender Necessity (#128)

About the Guest

Zhenevere Sophia Dao is a poet, novelist, playwright, and the director of the SACRa Theater Company. She has been a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and has published fiction with Penguin Books. An independent scholar, she is the founder of the philosophy of Post-Daoism and the practice tradition of MogaDao, which incorporates original “mythosomatic” qigong forms and meditations, and spiritualized asana, in combination with academic studies in mythopoetics, comparative philosophy and religion, Depth Sexology, socioerotic and sociopolitical inquiry, and queer studies. A transgender woman, she is also the founder of The Transgender Necessity, a platform for public discourse which underscores the cultural necessity of transgender individuals.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Post-Daoism as a philosophy reinterpreting depth psychology, qigong, and Daoism
  2. MogaDao as a practice at the intersection of somatic, queer, and socioerotic inquiry
  3. Socially imposed self-images versus deeply personal mythopoetic self-images
  4. The democratization of desire in all forms and socio-erotic experiences
  5. Spiritual significance of sex, sexuality, and desire as authentic expressions of a soul’s original virtue
  6. Consumeristic paradigm of sexuality as another attribute of power 
  7. The importance of trans people in society as leaders in and examples of radical authenticity
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